how to host wordpress website in godaddy

By making a site, you are creating an internet presence. This permits you to get in touch with individuals which you may not otherwise have the ability to attain.  Whether you are creating a simple site with contact info to the small business or medical care, developing a landing page to your freelance job, a multi-page encounter on their own wedding photography business or you simply need somewhere to blog about your own ideas about anything, using a site will provide you with a lively benefit.

A website enables you to showcase your work on Internet also you can keep track of your business in real-time you can be able to know the number of visitors into your website, the number of unique visitors to your website and visitors that are visiting each page in your website all impressions or the average time your visitors are spending on your websites. if you want a good and effective website or one that can help you take a business another level you have to be prepared to invest in one

a website is an investment, not an expense because within a period of time you should expect a return on your money then select for your time.


Benefits of having Website:

  1. Cost-effective

Online advertising is very cost-effective compared to print advertisements. Online marketers feel that traditional marketing is 25% more costly than online advertisement and also 50% little or no interaction with your audience because you aren’t targeting the right audience.

  1. Branding

For small local businesses, using a website as the hub of your brand can set you apart from your business competitors.

  1. 24/7 availability

If you have a website and you are running your business through your website, then you have a huge potential of reaching out to more customers because you know it’s open for 24 hours so whenever your customer need any information they can check your website and buy products at any time.

  1. Consumer Convenience

If any of your customers have any queries. They can come online and can check into your website any time of the day and they can get access to your other products, services or information whenever they need.

  1. Increased Sales

If you’re running an e-commerce website. since everybody, these days are either on their mobile phones, laptop or desktop. now you have a huge potential of reaching out to those prospects and increases your sales.

  1. Faster customer report

If you’re running a website you can create an email opt-in or a landing page where you can collect prospect information or details of your visitors like their names, phone numbers, email addresses and so on and you can continue to reach out them, follow-up and give more value. so, in the long run, you have a huge potential of turning those prospects into your clients or customers.

  1. Competitive opportunity

If you have a website and your competitors don’t have one then you have a huge advantage over your competitors mainly because you’re running a website and you can reach out to more customers.

  1. Targeted marketing

Online marketing is it’s a very targeted marketing so you can reach out and find your ideal customers depending on demographics like their location age gender and also the behaviour like how often do they buy online and also their connection like what type of mobile phones do they use or what movies data to go to which supports to the like so these are all connections and the interests and psycho-graphics what excites them and what do they fear most so using all these data and information that you can use to target your ideal customers.

  1. Converting to customers

By supplying helpful tips and articles You can provide a reason for your customers that why are they come to your websites. Which are relevant to your field, you’ll give a reason to your visitors to come back on your site and convert them into your customers.


Start Website With Godaddy:

Godaddy is one of the biggest platforms to buy hosting and domain name. it is popular and best known for a place to get a great affordable domain name and they also offer great affordable hosting within your budget.

So, in this article, we are going to tell the ways to buy hosting for your website and steps to set up that hosting with your WordPress site.

Step 1: Purchase Hosting

  1. On Godaddy website, go to hosting section.
₹ 99.00 /- month
1 website
30 GB storage
Unmetered bandwidth
₹ 199.00 /- month
Starter features, with:
Award-winning, 24/7 support
100 GB storage
Free Professional Email - 1-year trial
Free domain - with annual plan
₹ 239.59 /- month
Economy features, plus
Unlimited websitesºº
Unlimited storage
Unlimited subdomains
₹ 399.59 /- month
Deluxe features, plus
2x processing power & memory
Free SSL Certificate - 1 year††
Free Premium DNS
Unlimited databases
  1. Choose the plan according to your budget. Godaddy mainly provides four types of Plan. Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and E-commerce. If you don’t know much about blogging or beginner in blogging. Then you should start with the Basic Plan.


  1. Select the plan and proceed. After, you will be asked to sign in or sign up. If you have already created an account on Godaddy or if you don’t have one so create it.


  1. Then fill all your details like name, address, etc. After, Select the Payment Method according to your convenience and click on Save.


  1. Then click on Complete Purchase option and your order will be successfully purchased.


Step 2: Setup with WordPress

  1. Click on the ‘My Products’ option on Godaddy’s Website.


  1. Now you’ll see the hosting you’ve purchased. Now, click on set up in front of your purchased hosting.



  1. Then a new page will open and you have to fill in some details.


  1. You will see two options. Do you want to create a new site or Do you want to migrate the existing WordPress website? So, select to build a brand new site.


  1. Now choose the data centre for your hosting.


  1. After you have to set your WordPress username and password. From which you’ll able to login in WordPress.


5. So after filling up all the important details click on the add button.


  1. So, now GoDaddy will automatically install WordPress for you and blog’s dashboard will open.


Now you have successfully created your WordPress Website with Godaddy.






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