How To Choose The Best Web Hosting 2020? – 8 Types Of Web Hosting Explained

There are so many different types of web hosting companies to choose from and it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to keep tabs and understand the different types of hosting so you can choose the right hosting for your situation and your needs and that is the purpose of this article to help you choose the right web hosting for you.

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This article will help you choose the right hosting provider for you, whether you just want a website, an e-commerce website, an online learning courses website,  a web developer and host websites for clients, to that is this article you choose the best web hosting package for you and for your needs now it will also be very useful to identify what other types of hosting are available and what you should look for when deciding which host is for you so you can know when it is time to change Web hosting providers because we all start somewhere, but we may have to make changes as time goes by, so I will help you identify yourself.

You may be surprised now, but this article is not going to be me making recommendations saying go to this host and get service there or this host for which this article is not. This article is to explain the different types of hosting that exist so you know what type of service to look for your needs, but if you are interested in the recommendations, I have full reviews on my website

I have broken down the four categories you should use when deciding and evaluating several hosts and I like to call this, and I coined this term.

1. Speed of  Web Hosting

so the first is speed, Depending on the plan you choose and the companies you want to look for, how fast your website will load, so that’s the speed of the first one.

2. Support from Web Hosting

the next one is the support, you’re going to get support, not just my websites, can you help me? support like I don’t know what happened to my WordPress password. I can not log in. Can you fix it for me or am I trying to update this add-on? It does not work. Can you solve this for me? the different supports that you receive and I think that the support is actually one of the most important experiences that you want to evaluate when choosing a web hosting provider as the support experience that you will get the level of help you will get and will have the following WordPress experience

3. Security for Web Hosting

Security is the number one note that includes a free SSL certificate that is essential today, there are some hosts that still do not, many of them have gotten into the car but security goes far beyond what it is Another security site. They are taking proactive measures to prevent and block brute force attacks on their website, looking for vulnerabilities on their website, things that I am talking about when I refer to security also take into account that not all web servers and this is A big pain point for people who if they have an outdated add-on on their website, their website suffers a pirated vulnerability and now that they have all this crap on their website.

the host of your website will clarify it for you and the Most web servers don’t really do it, but there are some for whom you pay more than you are more than happy to clean your website and then comes the specialty and, what it is about, is that the web server provides specific features for WordPress users and, therefore, the specialty would be a preparation area and what that means is instead of simply updating your website and then discovering that there is a problem that you can log in, click on a button and you will create this separate instance of your website where you can go and try different things, try different design things, update the add-ons and see if it causes any problem in this type of preparation area, so that is a perfect example of a specialty.

4. Caching and Speed Optimization

another specialty is some form of caching and is a speed optimization if you have any of these specific WordPress specialties, some of the hosts will update your website for you, they will do all These different things, so that is one of the things you want to verify when choosing a web hosting for you.

Now we are going to get to that, there are eight different categories of accommodation, some of them are closely related, but you can easily divide them into eight different categories, this is something else that occurred to me when looking at all the different types of hosting to organize it way and in the way that makes the most sense.

Types of Web Hosting is explained in detailed

1. Shared Hosting

So you will have your first type of hosting, which is a basic shared hosting, this is the hosting where many of us will start with our first website. I know I did it with the basic shared hosting. There is not much through special features for WordPress users, most of them do not have specific support related to WordPress, so you will not be asked to reset your WordPress password and it is just your basic shared hosting and this is the type more affordable hosting,

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

We all start here, but eventually, we try to move further. Next, there are two different types of managed WordPress hosting, so some of them have something called cPanel and is a control panel that allows you to install your websites that allows you to create email account to access the file system and do all kinds of things you want to do to make it easier to manage all the different websites that you have, so there is a managed WordPress hosting based on cPanel that pays a little more for this type of hosting, but it tends to be a more stable and more fluid experience, in addition, since it is managed by WordPress, they will usually have some way to update their add-ons and themes for you and some additional features such as preparation environments and things like that, so that will be your cPanel now.

that is WordPress hosting providers managed to measure and what they have done is to achieve optimal performance that they have eliminated With this industry-standard cPanel. as   said I created your own custom control panel, now one of the things when it comes to a managed WordPress hosting that has its custom panel almost every time that doesn’t include email hosting, for What if you want your web hosting provider to have your email.

I will have a separate article on why I would like to make or not make this category of managed WordPress hosting providers simply not an option and is simple, usually just I would use Google Apps or some type of third-party service for your email hosting, but they generally provide you with the most phenomenal type of speed and specialty of all the different WordPress web servers, but they also have a different billing method and generally charge you , you choose a plan and get a certain amount of visits from unique visitors to your site or web in a month, if it happens, you could receive an increase in the next package or you could be charged some kind of surcharge, so that will be typical when I have managed WordPress hosting with your custom control panel as I said if you visit I have everything broken down there, the different companies that have these different types of services, so everything makes sense

3. WooCommerce Managed Hosting

Now there is a new type of hosting that I have seen and there are only one or two hosting providers that have this type of service at the moment and it is called WooCommerce managed hosting, it will be very similar to WordPress managed hosting, but the environment It has been optimized for WooCommerce e-commerce stores and is usually included with some services that are outside of WordPress that make managing an e-commerce store much easier and much more efficient and strategic, as I said, this is a new type of accommodation that you are not yet seeing everywhere, you might realize who knows, but it is something that is happening right now

4. Reseller Hosting

Next, you would have a reseller hosting, so the reseller hosting is generally like a basic shared hosting, but it allows you to create these separate containers of web hosting accounts that you can use for individual clients, so you can obviously have any type of hosting plan that allows you to have more than one website hosted on it and you could put a client’s website on it, but the only thing is that if you have your personal website and your clients website, You won’t want to give your client a real login because they can now access their stuff, so that’s what reseller hosting is for, so he usually finds it with cPanel-based hosting and what he does is allow him to create a single individual cPanel account so you can have all of your clients’ websites and email accounts separated from each other and allow you to create these cPanel accounts, pay a fee and get a certain amount of resources and then assign them to each of your clients, this is great if you are a web agency and want to keep all your clients separated, but as I said, you can convert any web hosting account in a reseller account, as long as your client does not really need to log in to the account to manage or maintain anything, not only that, but they will not ask you to log in, which will be uncomfortable if you have them in your account hosting and then they ask you to log in and we apologize ‘you don’t understand this

5. Cloud Hosting

The next one is cloud hosting and cloud hosting has been running for a while, now cloud hosting is not for the faint of heart, literally just imagine a Linux server, everything has to be done with the terminal command line by typing commands and there is no control panel there is no support, there is none of that available to you now in this case I will mention some company names
i. digital ocean
iii. vulture
You are literally only buying this dedicated resource container, there is no control panel or anything to manage it and if you have a problem, you are completely 100% on your own, it is not for most people, but if you consider yourself an administrator of the Linux system or I know enough to survive in the SSH command-line terminal and all those guys that you know I can really do that and I’ve had my own cloud hosting before and could do it well, but it gave me anxiety because I knew enough I started my website, but I didn’t know enough to solve problems if those problems arose, so even I, although I have the ability to have a cloud hosting that I chose not now, the cloud hosting will provide the best performance at the lowest price is crazy what you could do with cloud hosting.

6. Managed Cloud Hosting

there is something called cloud managed hosting and this is also a new category, so essentially what they are doing is taking those cloud hosting servers and instead they would ask for it through from the cloud-managed hosting provider and they will provide you with a control panel to make it really easy to install WordPress and they will also provide you with some of them they will also give you assistance so you can ask for help if there is a problem with your server with your website.

you get the help, but the only thing is that you are paying almost double the cost of just going and get that server in the cloud yourself. I will say that I have used that there really is a great dog: the cloud forms are the main company that are pioneers in this type of managed cloud hosting and I have used them before and they are fantastic

I have a detailed review article that comes out in the cloud that weighs the pros and cons of cloud forms

7. VPS Hosting

But that’s not what this article is about, so you have VPS are virtual private servers and this will actually be very similar to what you would get with cloud hosting, except thinking about cloud hosting but with a control panel cPanel that may have to facilitate adding email accounts and having multiple websites and all that, but you are getting some dedicated resources and obviously paying more for it, and you can also use a VPS most of the time if it comes with something that It’s called WHM (Web Host Manager) allows you to create those separate cPanel accounts if you also want to use it to resell now most of the VPS services that come with support so you can go and ask for help if you have any problems

8. Dedicated Hosting

Finally, we have already gone through seven, the last one is just a dedicated server, so you go to the hosting company and they have fully dedicated servers, so the whole machine 100% of its resources are for you, now you can get them with the operating system on it or it could be Linux, it can be terminal and SSH or they can have cPanel or WHM (Web Host Manager) and then you can use that as you would use the virtual private server, except it has more resources and those resources are dedicated to you, so this will be your dedicated server.

so most of us will end up using basic shared hosting and then we will move forward to manage WordPress hosting and then there is the decision to choose those that have cPanel or those that have your custom control panel, but you have that kind of experience to which you might have to pay more depending on how many people actually visited your website that particular month and then I could go from there to manage cloud hosting and I have managed cloud hosting right now because I need maximum performance and I like having dedicated resources

So what’s next? Then I listed eight different categories of hosting, so what follows is that I have a dedicated article about each of these types of hosting that comes and I will link them in the article, you say hmm, I’m more interested in managing WordPress Hosting that has the higher performance and will be the one that does not have cPanel and with a custom control panel.

I have a dedicated article on that in which I will review some of the various companies and their pros and cons of each of those companies to help you choose one that is perfect for you, wait for those eight articles linked in this blog and after those articles there will be an individual review of the individual hosting companies and a kind of article to show you the service you should perform it is much easier to start using the service and use it to the fullest in many of these web hosting services.

It is difficult to review from the point of view of longevity, but I can certainly use the service and understand the control panel. I do a review of that or a sporting review, I support a speed check at that time, a review of the Elite specification at that time and I can do all that, This is how those articles will be in particular, I said if you, I also have links to these individual reviews to make it as easy as possible to choose the right web hosting service for you, you do not have to choose what someone suggests.

for you I really want you to understand the different types of accommodation so you can choose the right one that meets your needs today or it could be the next type of leveling, which is a good thing for you to know when your website is working well to get a Good traffic, you might want to level up and get better performance, so that’s it for me in this blog.

I want to know what you think in the comments section below, any specific questions you have about web hosting. I am glad to have adhered to my rule of no recommendations in this I hope you can take it to the letter, so if you have appreciated it or if you have learned something in this article, remember to subscribe and provide your email identification where you can send notifications to Future updates like this.

hey, I appreciate you spent time to meet me today to make sure you choose the right hosting that meets your needs. I can’t wait to see you in the next article, thanks for reading.


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